The Process of Strategic Training


Mere training will not yield desired results, but it needs more delegation and empowerment. Participative management will provide more congenial relations.

hr training


  •  Conduct front end analysis and improve the performance.
  •  Improve the performance of the management 
  •  Reduce the accidents & eliminate the wastes
  •  Reduce the cost of production
  •  Improve the quality of products.
  •  Create innovative products
  •  Improve the performance of the employees
  •  Improve the morale of the employees
  •  Improve the global competitiveness
  •  Create new intellectual properties
  •  Improve the environment
  •  Improve the quality of worklife
  •  Improve the maintenance
  •  Improve the creativity
  •  Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions
  •  Innovate & breakthrough
  •  Improve the interpersonal relations
  •  Improve the bottomline
  •  improve the market share
  •  Improve the industrial peace
  •  Improve the organizational learning

After training ?
Training can be effective only when the organization makes needed changes as follows:

  1.  Improvement in the work place
  2.  Supply of needed tools/ equipment/ resources/ consumables/sofware
  3.  Ergonomically designed work place
  4.  Goal for performance
  5.  Good work environment
  6.  Good interpersonal relationships
  7.  Good health of the employees
  8.  Good employment based education
  9.  Good job aids
  10.  Good manuals/ guidelines/operation manuals/maintenance manuals
  11.  Good motivation
  12.  Good leadership
  13.  Frequent evaluation and feedback / performance appraisal/ appreciative enquiry
  14.  Good leadership
  15.  Good organizational culture
  16.  Simple readable and understandable rules

Mere training will not yield any appreciable results.It will add only frustration!


Dr.Thanikachalam Vedhathiri

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