Back-Pack Strategy

Choose your back-pack

Choose your back-pack

I had a small idea at the start of this New Year. Writing about strategic management is fine, but I also wanted to see the principles come in action in our day-to-day life. Generally there is a notion that strategies are applicable only in the bigger arena, like a corporate environment or marketing. In reality, every day there is a need for strategic action in many spheres of our activities.

Say, if you are planning for a vacation or an overseas trip, ticketing would be one thing, precautions and safety comes next. There is a dire need for strategic action which most of us conveniently overlook that makes your travel experience nightmarish.

Well, to put it simply, let me give you a few tips on “Back-Pack Strategy”, so as to avoid tragedy.

  1. Choose light weight clothes if you are on a vacation. Nobody cares what you wear.
  2. Bottoms can be repeated (of course with a liberal use of perfume) and you can carry more number of shirts and tops.
  3. Even for overseas travel, there are restrictions on the weight you carry, so don’t end up paying more for carrying more.
  4. Always travel light and instead of a big suitcase, you can go for two or three smaller packs.
  5. If you are to carry a big suitcase, let it be a sturdy thing with wheels and a rugged handle and please, please don’t make others victims by being a luggage bully.
  6. If it is quite a large back pack, kindly see to it the straps are even and sit on your shoulders properly.
  7. Heavy luggage when not handled properly can lead to muscle, hand, leg, back and shoulder pain and injury. Don’t end up landing in a hospital, and then your boss might vacate you for-ever.
  8. Always bend your knees while lifting your luggage and hold it close to your body.
  9. It is but important to understand that if you really want to cherish the travel experience, you need to be a “Smart Traveler.”
  10. First-aid kit is a must and don’t be hesitant to give room for some medicines in case of emergencies. Diabetics, pressure and heart-patients should pack their medical kit first.
  11. Kindly make it a practice to carry your own luggage and don’t make your friends, parents or relatives shoulder your burden- Mind you, they might not want to see you the next time.
  12. Wherever possible, use the escalators and whilst climbing up a stair, make it a point to carry your luggage instead of dragging it behind.

I invite readers to share your humorous travel experiences and the lessons learnt.

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